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We pride ourselves in having one of the BEST Equipped Trucks in all of Orange County! There’s no job too big or too small for our Mobile Shop on Wheels!

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We look out for our customer’s best interest by going above and beyond with the latest in technology, assuring their investment.

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Heaton & Son has been serving customers with excellence since 1976. We take pride in doing the job right, every time!

Top-Notch Customer Service

We care about our customers and strive to make your experience with us the best ever.

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All of our subcontractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. We pride ourselves on doing top quality, clean, and expeditious work.


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Ken Heaton


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Smart Remodels

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Finished Shower

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Finished Shower & Closet

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Finished Bathroom

Heaton & Sons general contracted the building of our new bathroom, walk-in closet, and back porch awning. Ken’s crew and the subcontractors were awesome. They always left our home well cleaned up. All of them were polite and helpful, treated us like we were family. We are very happy with the addition. Ken’s plumbing crew, Eddie, and Brandon have been most helpful with a few other repairs/projects too. Many thanks.

Jim & Sharon Cook

Lakewood, CA


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my sewer line is blocked?

Sewer lines are most often clogged by tree roots. When this happens most sewer stoppages can be cleared through a cleanout. The best thing you can do is cut the roots and treat your sewer with a foaming agent which will retard growth up to 70%. There can be instances where a repair/replacement is needed although very seldom is this required. Fortunately, Heaton & Son can take care of it quickly and easily. Many companies will try to sell you a new sewer or relining when, in fact, proper cleaning will suffice. If you have a sewer cleanout and you notice gurgling or slow flushing toilets you can remove the cleanout cap to get relief outside in your yard instead of having the back-up mess in your tub or shower.

What is the difference between hard water and soft water?

Hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals, like calcium and magnesium. In its pure form, water does not contain these minerals and is naturally soft. But as it passes through the ground and rocks such as limestone, it picks up those hard water minerals.

Soft water contains little to no extra elements. This can occur naturally, or soft water can be produced with water treatment equipment that removes the hard elements.

Hard water vs. Soft Water Pros & Cons

The minerals in hard water make it better for drinking, not only because of the health benefits, but also the taste. Soft water, however, often tastes salty and is sometimes not fit for drinking.

Hard water can take a toll on clothing, making laundry look dingy. It can cause spots and residue on dishes, and soap scum on bathtubs. Hard water can eventually damage household appliances, glass around tubs and showers and takes a toll on plumbing fixture finishes, as well as use up more energy.

When it comes to cleaning, soft water allows the soap to lather better and dishes will be left cleaner. You will often use less soap and detergents overall with soft water. The shower curtain and bathtub will be soap scum-free. And clothes and skin will feel softer. Soft water can also prolong the life of washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. Energy bills are noticeably lower in homes with water softeners.

What’s the easiest way to prevent drain clogs in the kitchen?

The most important thing to do is avoid overloading the kitchen sink with too much food. Avoid large amounts of grease. Run a fair amount of water when rinsing food particles.It is also advisable to add ice cubes and fruit pit once in a while, as this creates a scouring action and helps to prevent foul odors.

Will chemical drain cleaners damage my pipes?

Enzyme based drain cleaners are OK (provided you take proper precautions) however these are a temporary if at all fix. It’s best to clear stoppages with a cable and or jetter for proper long term drain cleaning.

How can I tell if my house has a leak?

  • Warning Signs you have a leak:
    • A drop in water pressure
    • Water stains on your ceiling, floors or walls, a warm spot on the floor
    • A higher than usual water bill
    • An increase in your home’s humidity
    • A foul odor, usually noticed by visitors
    • Mildew formation
    • Strange noises
      • If you hear hissing or dripping sounds near your fixtures, there is a good chance that water is flowing somewhere it shouldn’t be.
    • Sudden puddles
      • If you notice damp spots on your carpet or your floor is discolored, something beneath may be leaking.
    • Rusty pipes
    • Large wet spots in your yard

There was an earthquake and I smell gas, what do I do?

It’s always good before an earthquake to have your gas valve serviced so that you can easily turn the gas off, (they can become stuck in the on position after years of not being shut off) , the gas company will be happy to do this for you. It is also wise to zip tie or secure the correct wrench in the gas meter area. Lastly, you can also install an earthquake valve that will shut your gas off automatically in a severe earthquake.These valves are easily reset to turn gas back on!

We are one call away and we are happy to assist you for small jobs that you can easily do yourself or to send our mobile shop your way!!


Happy Customers

Ken has been our plumber for many years and when we were ready for our kitchen to be remodeled we knew he was the contractor we wanted. Ken and his team did a fantastic job especially, Brandon and Kevin. They were always here on time and cleaned up before leaving. Our kitchen looks like a picture from a magazine. We are so happy with the final results. We would highly recommend Heaton and Sons for the job. They deserve a five-star rating.
Thank you, Ken, for the beautiful kitchen!


Heaton & Son performed a masterful job of repairing and then dressing up our two bathrooms in preparation for state inspection of our mobile home park. Their work was done in record time of hours rather than days that did not interrupt my handicapped wife’s and my normal routines. My expectations for a pricey estimate were upended by bids and by reductions for the total costs which will be more than paid for once our home for over 16 years will be sold. Heaton’s designs for sink tops simply hit the top for modern designs and will enhance the value that will provide funds for two senior citizens to transfer to a more medically secure facility,  My appreciation for Heaton & Son, Inc. 
David B.

“Heaton and Son did an amazing job on the remodel of my home in Corona del Mar (interior and landscape). Ken and his crew were meticulous about details that only someone with his knowledge and experience would be able to adhere to.

Like many remodels there were a few unexpected challenges but Ken was able to solve all problems professionally and quickly.
Ken oversaw all aspects of the project and was on site each and every day to make sure his crew and any subcontractor did their jobs up to Ken’s expectations. All this was done in a very expedient timeline with the entire project from planning to completion in only five months.
I am thrilled with my new home and highly recommend Heaton and Sons!”
– Janice

“Ken took on my home remodel project and went above and beyond my expectations. He managed to create an Extreme Home Makeover while I was away on vacation! Imagine my delight to come home to everything I asked for and then some. Ken was professional, courteous, and determined to make the project happen exactly the way I asked for. I would highly recommend Heaton & Son.”

C. MOrange, CA

“I am pleased to recommend the services of Heaton & Son. I recently moved into a historical home, which required completely new plumbing. I was impressed with Mr. Heatons ability to assess our needs, put the plan together and carry it out. His crew was hardworking, capable and polite. Mr. Heaton proved to be knowledgeable and willing to listen to our concerns about the work to be performed. I was also pleased with the pricing of the work performed.”

Paul Sorrell

Huntington Beach, CA

“Thank you so much for stepping into my remodel bathroom project so quickly after the previous company let me down. I was overjoyed when you were able to procure an oversized bathroom tub on such short notice and for a great price. You and your sons really know how to get the job done. I appreciated the no-nonsense approach to the job. I was also impressed with your knowledge of the Citys permit requirements, which can be a pain to deal with. My bathroom feels like a fancy hotel! Overall Ken, I’m very happy with the short timeframe of the remodel, the reasonable cost, and your ability to overcome the inevitable on-the-spot issues during the project. Thank you for being so personable and professional.”

Mike Parsons

Fountain Valley, CA

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